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Take a JOE Home Study exam online to earn 0.3 CEUs. You will get your grade and results immediately after submitting your answers. If you pass the test with 70% or better, you will receive a transcript reflecting your earned CEUs.

After submitting your order, you will receive an email with your test link and login information.

NOTE: The online exam does not provide the JOE itself. Before registering for an exam, please make sure you have the corresponding JOE. JOEs can be ordered from the AEA Online Store.

This registration fee covers your CEU recording fee. The dropdown list attempts to offer only JOEs which you have not yet submitted, however, even if a JOE that you have already submitted does appear on the list (for example - one that you mailed in but did not score well enough to receive CEUs), you will not receive CEUs for the duplicate submission by enrolling online.

JOE Vol. 29, #1 (Feb 14) - Revised Dec 2016

Errors were found in the original version of this issue. It has now been revised and is available for order and CEU credit. If you have already received credit for the original version of this JOE, you cannot submit the revised version for CEUs.

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