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The International Board of Electrologist Certification Study Guide or IBEC Study Guide - is an invaluable resource in preparing for the IBEC state licensing exams and the Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) exams.The Study Guide contains a wealth of information on the anatomy and physiology of the skin and hair, clinical observations, electrical operations, equipment and supplies, as well as a large glossary.

The AEA Infection Prevention Standards for the Practice of Electrology and the Standards of Practice for Electrologists are included in their entirety. The Infection Prevention Standards contained in the Study Guide were updated in 2023 and are the definitive resource for this generation of exams.

The Study Guide was used extensively to formulate questions in the test development process. Ancillary texts such as Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis & Temporary Hair Removal by Richards and Meharg, and Milady's Hair Removal Techniques by Bickmore are also suggested study materials.

As of October 2017. two versions of the IBEC Study Guide are available. The Electrology Only version is for states that do not allow electrologists to use laser/IPL technology. The Electrology Plus Laser/IPL version includes additional study materials for states that allow electrologists to use laser/IPL technology. Please select the correct version for your state exam.

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