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The Journal of Electrology (JOE) is the semi-annual journal of the American Electrology Association (AEA). It is designed to inform and educate the professional electrologist by offering articles of interest and value by reputable authors who are well qualified in the topic area.

Each edition of JOE offers a self-guided home study program with a means to assess learning through examination. The successful completion of this examination can result in earning CEUs to fulfill the established recertification requirements for the Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE), AEA's international board certification credential. A processing fee is required upon submission of the exam.

JOE Vol. 29, #1 (Feb 14) - Revised Dec 2016

Errors were found in the original version of this issue. It has now been revised and is available for order and CEU credit. If you have already received credit for the original version of this JOE, you cannot submit the revised version for CEUs.

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Journal of Electrology Booklet

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