• American Lifestyle Magazine Mailing to Doctors

American Lifestyle is a customizable magazine that AEA members can send to area doctors with a shared client base, such as endocrinologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and ob-gyns. The beautiful design and inoffensive high-quality content make it highly likely that the magazine will be kept, browsed, shared and displayed in the doctor's waiting room to be read by patients.

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The price includes printing, mailing leads for doctors in your area (which the AEA Presence Team will acquire for you), customization and postage. Minimum quantity is 50. You can also order additional copies for your own office.

When you order this item, the AEA Presence Team will contact you to set up your customized magazine. Your practice information will be copied from the AEA website. You will be able to proof the customizations before they are printed. Customizable items:

  • "Compliments of" name on front cover
  • Your practice information (appears in multiple locations)
  • Your photo or logo (appears in multiple locations)
  • Two tear-out cards
  • Letter to doctor (inside front cover)
  • Inside back cover
  • Back cover
Pro Tip: A common practice is to sell the inside back cover to another local business to defray the cost of the mailing

If you choose American Lifestyle Artwork or Content, we will select for you from the available options provided for the current issue.

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American Lifestyle Magazine Mailing to Doctors

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