How does electrolysis compare to other hair removal methods?

Unlike other hair removal options, professionally performed electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair, permanently, with unsurpassed results. Moreover, it does so for the largest variety of skin and hair types.

Unlike other hair removal methods, electrolysis breaksdown the cells responsible for hair growth, making it truly permanent hair removal

Other methods may appear to be less expensive or more convenient, but these seeming advantages fade quickly when you consider the need for long term use and lifetime maintenance.

The best hair removal is permanent hair removal.

What's the best hair removal treatment for you? The answer depends on whether you're searching for permanent hair removal or just a temporary solution. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method recognized as permanent by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Does that make electrolysis the best hair removal method? Millions of people think it does.

Electrolysis Laser Waxing/sugaring Shaving Depilatories Tweezing/threading Home Epilators
Permanent Yes No
Laser provides hair reduction, not permanent hair removal.
No No No No
This method also can significantly interfere with the effectiveness of other hair removal methods.
Areas of the body All Not recommended for eyebrows. Not suitable for some sensitive areas of the body; sugaring especially may not be a good choice for nipples or genitals. Not suitable for some sensitive areas of the body. Not suitable around the eyes, and other sensitive areas of the body. Face and unwanted individual hairs; not suitable for large areas of hair removal. Face and unwanted individual hairs; not suitable for large areas of hair removal.
Skin/hair types All Most effective for those with dark hair and light skin.
Less effective for dark skinned/dark haired individuals or those with light-colored hair.
All All All All All
Special Conditions All All Not suitable for people with diabetes or circulatory problems. All Not suitable for chemically sensitive skin. Not recommended for hormonally induced hairs. All
Comfort Varies by client sensitivity.
Comfort can be increased through relaxation, hydration, adjustments to treatment settings, topical anesthetics, and other methods.
Can be painful; mild to significant irritation and skin discoloration is possible. Significant pain, especially in sensitive areas. Relatively painless low-cost option, but may cause skin irritation. Painless but may cause irritation; strong chemical odor. Can be painful and time-consuming. May cause mild to moderate discomfort.

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