NancyEliz copes with hormonal changes

NancyEliz of New York began experiencing some unwanted hair growth after she had a hysterectomy. "Hair just grew all over the place," she said, attributing the unwanted hair on her lip, face and neck to changes related to the operation as well as some medications she was taking. "It was terrible. Who wants to look like a hairy monkasaurus," she said.

Like many women facing the issue of excess hair growth, she first tried to manage the issue on her own. "At first I was tweezing. I went through threading (a technique where hair is pulled out through the use of threads), I was using Nair, and I wouldn't dare put a razor on it. It just seemed the more I tweezed, the more my hair grew." NancyEliz confesses that the hair growth kept her from getting too close to people, and she didn't have the confidence to date for years.

Finding the right solution for her darker skin tones

As a woman of color originally from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, NancyEliz was leery about choosing laser, another form of hair removal that is not always appropriate for women with darker skin tones, as it can affect the skin's pigmentation. But there was another reason that NancyEliz kept searching for the right hair removal solution for her. "Once I knew laser wasn't permanent, I wanted nothing to do with it. It's like a garden; if you don't get the root out, the weeds grow back."

NancyEliz had heard a little bit about electrolysis as a hair removal technique back in the '90s, before she had a need for it herself. As her hair growth became an issue, she remembered that helpful information, but didn't know if it would be an option for her Caribbean complexion. "A lady I met explained to me that, yes, I could use it, and it would take time but it would get rid of the hair permanently." NancyEliz decided electrolysis was an option worth exploring.

NancyEliz narrows her search

Knowing that electrolysis was both a permanent hair removal solution and safe for her skin tone, NancyEliz began doing some research and shopping around; choosing the right electrologist was important to her. She tried one electrologist, who wasn't the right fit. Then, she scheduled an appointment with Arlene Batz, CPE, at Breier Hair Removal and Skin Care in Queens, New York. "She was board certified and near me, and she spoke so nice on the phone," said NancyEliz.

That was a couple of years ago. Since then, NancyEliz has been a regular client at Breier Hair Removal and Skin Care, and she says Arlene has become much more than an electrologist and skin care specialist. "She's there for you," said NancyEliz. "She was fun to be with and she really explained the process to me." NancyEliz says she has learned a lot about electrolysis over the years. At first, she confesses, she didn't realize that hair grows at different rates, and that while the hair would become thinner, treatments would need to be ongoing to manage new growth. Now she knows the investment of time and money is worth it, as she has seen dramatic results over time.

NancyEliz explained that what makes Arlene such an excellent electrologist is that she also takes great care to ensure her happiness as a client, providing cream for her tender lips to help lessen her discomfort during treatments, and paying great attention to detail, including changing to thinner needles in some places and thicker ones in areas where it is appropriate and necessary. Over time, the frequency of her visits has decreased to once a month. Of Arlene, she says, "I love this woman. She is like a sister to me."

NancyEliz also says now, at age 65, "I just feel like a different person. But my life hasn't changed; I changed. I can face people better. I don't mind being close to people," she explained. "Before, I would have walked around with a veil on if I could have."

From hormonal facial hair to modeling

The years of electrolysis have paid off in more ways than one. NancyEliz says she has noticed the treatments gave her skin a beautiful tone. Others notice, too, including her boyfriend - who comments on her post-treatment glow. And organizers of a photo shoot for Sephora perfume did a test photo shoot of NancyEliz, for an ad for their United Kingdom market. Though NancyEliz didn't make the final cut for the professional model role, she says she still feels like one.

To those who decide to try electrolysis to manage their unwanted hair growth, she said, "I tell them it's the most beautiful decision they've ever made. And to be patient. It takes a while but the results are solid."

Once tempted to hide her face behind a veil, steering clear of personal relationships and struggling to manage embarrassing hair growth, NancyEliz has now hit her stride. She's proud of her job as an international telephone operator on Wall Street, she has a significant modeling credit to her name, she has a boyfriend who sees her beauty - inside and out - and, she said, she's only getting started.

"I'm happier than I've ever been. I'm in the best years of my life." They are years she will enjoy with smooth, glowing skin, face first.

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