Electrolysis for curly, wavy, and coarse hair

For curly, wavy or coarse hair

Have you been told that your hair type or skin tone is the reason you are not a candidate for hair removal treatment? You should speak to a professional electrologist, because not only is electrolysis the only treatment that removes hair permanently, it's also safe and effective for all types of hair and skin tones.

Why can this hair type be a problem?

Commonly seen on people with dark skin, curly hair is more prone to become ingrown or cause raised bumps on your skin. Coarse hair strands are much thicker, and can easily get stuck underneath the skin. Attempting to manage these problems by temporary methods such as depilatories, shaving, or tweezing can just make them worse, causing scarring or discolored areas. These methods are very hard on your skin.

What does electrolysis do about it?

Electrolysis safely and permanently removes any ingrown hairs and the curly, coarse hairs that tend to damage your skin without creating issues that occur with tweezing and other temporary methods of hair removal.

Elena's Electrolysis Story
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"It is important to take care of yourself, especially because we give so much as women, so I'm making electrolysis a priority for me."

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Where can I get more information about electrolysis?

Learn more about electrolysis hair removal in the Electrolysis Facts section of the website.

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