How much does electrolysis cost?

When compared to the expense of a lifetime of shaving, depilatories, or laser treatments, the permanence of electrolysis makes it a wise investment in yourself.

Electrolysis is an investment in yourself

Overall, electrolysis cost compares very favorably to other hair removal methods, including laser hair removal. When considering the long-term, recurring treatments required with other methods, electrolysis is a good investment.

Electrolysis treatment cost depends on a number of factors including:

How many treatments are required with electrolysis?

The number of sessions necessary varies with each client's treatment. Many factors determine how many sessions are needed:

The same factors impact how often sessions should be scheduled throughout your custom treatment plan. For example, treatments for areas that have been waxed or tweezed would be more frequent than for areas that have been shaved.

Overall, the length and frequency of your appointments depends mostly on the size of the area being cleared. Electrolysis clients might schedule 5 minutes for just a couple of annoying hairs on their chin or they might schedule multiple hour or longer appointments to treat larger areas, such as heavy facial growth or legs. Electrolysis treatments are longest and most frequent at the beginning, but both treatment length and frequency taper off as fewer and fewer hairs remain to be treated.

For best results, follow the electrologist's recommendations in scheduling appointments.

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